It is one of the beautiful compensations in this life that no one can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.

 - Ralph Waldo Emerson

 Photo Credit:  Peter Hellberg

Sarah Elmore, M.A., LPC, IN.FORM Wellness Coach, Nature's Sunshine Natural Health Consultant

Most of my life has been a journey of breaking free of the constraints of other’s expectations and all the “shoulds” and finding the courage, joy and Freedom to be just me, whoever that was…

Embracing my own humanity, imperfection, ever changing interests, hobbies, and directions, and just learning to LOVE all of the dichotomy that is ME, has not been an easy task… but it has been the most rewarding and FREEING adventure I've ever embarked upon.

I would love to say that I have arrived, that I can give you all the answers and the specific scientific formula to achieving the perfect life… The reality, however, is that there is no such thing. Learning this secret was in and of itself the beginning of my freedom journey. We never arrive, but we can learn to find peace, joy and balance as we are in process of becoming the best versions of ourselves, and the healing journey can look differently for all of us. What I can tell you, that I have lived much, lost much, loved hard and learned a TON, about what works, what doesn't and most importantly how to truly find, honor and fully EMBRACE my inner voice, instincts and the ME that was hidden deep underneath layers of imposed “shoulds” and clutter from years of failures, wounds and disappointments.


No, I have not arrived, I hope to always be continually growing, changing and improving along life's path for me, but I can genuinely tell you that I have found a true sense of inner joy, peace and FREEDOM like nothing I've ever experienced before, and it’s not based on my external circumstances… It’s a calm and a balance and a self-love that comes from within, in a way that I never imagined possible, and I am filled with deep gratitude and a strong desire to impart what I have learned, to those who are led to embark upon their own personal healing journey with me. 


Free to Be Me is about helping you find and embrace your TRUE self and purpose. It's about de-cluttering your mind, and life from all the noise and mental chatter, and helping you finding your own personal power and path to the life you were meant to live.  If you find yourself unhappy, sluggish, tired, struggling with constant stress and chaos, relationships that are disharmonious, or you are so overwhelmed with life’s burdens you don’t even know where to begin… Free to Be Me, is designed to help you find solutions, balance and peace in the midst of your circumstances.

Come and join me as I guide you along the way to finding your own personal FREEDOM!