In Person Counseling

In-Person Counseling - Traditional one on one counseling is a great way to get personalized help with the issues you are facing.  Make an appointment for an office visit right here in Springfield.


E-Counseling - Whether you are a professional interested in counseling and also needing to remain anonymous or someone who has difficulty taking the time out of your busy schedule to go in for office appointments, you may prefer the convenience, affordability and accessibility that e-counseling services provide, via email, phone, or i/video chat.

Support Groups

Support Groups - Sometimes the best sense of support can come from other people going through similar challenges and circumstances as you.  With a variety of topics, you are sure to find a support group that meets your needs.

Life Coaching

Life Coaching - Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and sometimes people need help in identifying those things to set goals and eliminate what is not working in their life.  If you have a hard time believing in yourself and have difficulty navigating life's obstacles, I can partner with you to  help you focus on attaining personal success and living your best life possible.